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Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse .

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Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse - straight boy, straight guy, get fucked...
Studio: Military Classified

Today is a special day because I have recruited Bainard back to my studios today and with special circumstances. You see he contacted me about a week ago and told me he need money and wanted to see what he could do to make the most. I, of course, took advantage and negotiated my way up that tight white little booty of his and gave him the orgasm that, as he put it, "oh shit, that was a good show" I have to say this one is spontaneous and real.
Bainard was traveling to LA and when he arrived he was pretty hyped up and ready to start. He knew he was going to get fucked today so he was on edge. We sat down and began to shoot the shit and by the time I had his paperwork done, he was in a relaxed state of mind as we made our way to the photo shoot. Barnard is a beautiful straight guy, not too hairy, smooth skin, bubble but, nice feet, amazing yes and a dick of !
I wasted no time with this guy and once the cameras were rolling I put Bainard on the floor with a blanket and began to suck his cock. Bainard was ready for it because before long I was straddling over him with my ass in his face. Bainard then began a tirade of licking, sucking, and kissing my ass. It didn't stop there, I had to return the favor so before long Rob was buried face deep in Bainard's face and the tables were turned.
Next I made Bainard get up on all fours and face the front as I got behind him to give me my hard dick. Bainard was bracing for it and as I began, i slid my dick in his ass slowly but definitely. I was moving my way in and out of his ass but at a pace that kept him interesting and on the edge of his seat. Fuck did I fuck Bainard doggy style. It didn't stop there, I made my was to flip this straight boy over on his back and i wanted to continue the punishment.
The problem was that when I entered his ass this time, he was having zero ability to control his orgasm and Bainard just couldn't hold back what was already the inevitable. As I pounded his ass with one of his legs in my hand, I stroked Bainard's cock at the same time and this drove him crazy. He couldn't resist the attack from Rob and soon enough he blew a huge load and I mean huge, all over the place. Enjoy this one!

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:32
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1826kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse (straight boy, straight guy, get fucked, hard dick) Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse - hard dick, get fucked, straight boy, straight guy
Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse. Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse

Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse
File size: 222.3 MB

Military Classified Bainard 5 anal-reverse - straight guy, get fucked, straight boy, hard dick



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